Dazzling Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

If you’re like me your Thanksgiving dining table will have a tablecloth and a centerpiece, but a second table for all of the food! I rarely have the same centerpiece. Sometimes it’s a bouquet of flowers and sometimes it’s a pumpkin, and other times it is something precious that one of my children has made. It just depends on what I have lying around that year.

For those of you who are hosting and would like to be a little more stylish (although, difficult with lots of kids running around), here are some ideas for you:

  • Embellished Fall Tablecloth – Items needed: simple tablecloth (any color) and lace. Take the tablecloth and sew some matching lace around the edges. This can enhance any table. Or, purchase one already embellished.
  • Stenciled Cloth Napkins – Items needed: cloth napkins (any color – preferably white), iron-on stencils of your choice, and an iron. Take the napkins and iron on the stencils. Be sure to wash the napkins prior to use. The stencil can say Give Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving, etc. Or, it can just be a picture such as a leaf or two, a turkey, a pumpkin, etc. Iron on the stencils to the napkins where desired. Be sure that the design can be seen when the napkin is folded.
  • Lavish Centerpiece – Items needed: vase (clear or otherwise), a few branches and flowers with autumn colors of assorted heights (i.e. brown, orange, white, green). Arrange flowers and branches in the vase
    and place in the center of the table.

Now back to reality!! This is what I usually do…

  • Plain tablecloth (usually a plastic throw-away one). If you are going to use a plastic table cloth please remember not to put anything hot on it – not only will you melt the plastic, but you will likely melt the
    plastic to the hot dish!
  • Paper towels or napkins can be purchased with pretty Thanksgiving designs on them.
  • A centerpiece, I think, is much prettier when it’s homemade by a child. Children tend to make lots of turkey-related crafts at school that can be used, or you can just get a couple of small pumpkins and let the kids paint them for the centerpiece.

Which dinner table do you have at your house?


  1. I'm so not ironing cloth napkins for any holidays this year! lol I also like a plain white tablecloth and napkins, for the holidays I get the nicer thicker ones that you can get away with putting on your lap. Sometimes I just have a runner on the table, and let the wood shine through. We have a really nice old table, so it's pretty uncovered. For Thanksgiving we always had a huge table, with the food as the centerpiece and just candles, some small flowers or mini pumpkin & berries decorations. Same this year, I love candles, and it will be just me and the boys, so we have plenty of room to spread out! 🙂 I like to use my colored wine glasses that double up for water glasses for the kids. Sometimes I use decorative napkin rings for a spot of color too, but this year we're keeping it simple…and hopefully tasty! 🙂

    1. This year I have purchased disposable, yet tasteful, tablecloths for the food table and the eating table. There will just be too many of us to put everything on the table and eat there, too! I remember when I was growing up we never had the pretty tablecloths, the huge centerpieces, etc. There were 6 of us kids and we were lucky to get everything on the table and served up while it was still hot. When we went to someone’s house, usually Grandma’s house, it was always beautiful and we had a great time. Then again, she was Grandma and her house looked like it was stuck in the 70’s LOL!!

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