Telecommuting – Decrease Overhead, Increase Morale

Telecommuting can be a huge motivator for experienced employees to stay with a company. Telecommuting is slowly on the rise as companies look for new ways to increase employee morale and increase retention percentages. It’s expensive to hire a new employee, train them, give them health benefits, etc….just to have them leave in a few months because they aren’t getting the right work-life balance, or because the drive is just too long, or they are just spending too much on gas because their employer is too far away. Offering a telecommuting option for seasoned employees can actually change all of this, even if it is just one or two days a week. According to the article Telework Increasing Slowly Worldwide, employers need an attitude adjustment. Many employers still rate employee performance on how many hours an employee is in the office. Instead, employers should be rating employees on their actual workload completion and performance. Allowing employees to telecommute will actually save the company money and increase productivity! Fewer employees in the office at a time can decrease office equipment expenses, utility expenses, and even real estate expenses in some companies. In addition, employees will feel that their employer does care about them and will be more likely to stay with the company longer.

Does your company offer telecommuting options? If so, is the option for everyone, or just for a select group?

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