Get Rid of the Flu Using Onions!

None of us have time to be sick, especially when we are working parents. I think I found something to help…at least a little bit. I know that it sounds a little crazy, but hear me out, try it for yourself, and then you determine if it is crazy or not.

A few months ago I read an article about how onions had helped cure an individual from pneumonia. Unfortunately, I cannot find that article, but there are tons out there about onions – many of which attempt to dissuade the natural healing components of onions. The one I did find that explains how onions work is called Will Onions Help Fight the Flu? Snopes will have you believe that this is folklore; however, I’ve seen it happen myself!

Basically, onions soak up everything around them that is in the air…everything from good particles to the germy ones. This is why if you cut an onion then you should use it right away instead of storing it and saving it to use at a later time. Check out what Dr. Edward Group says about how onions help fight the flu.

This last weekend I came down with the dreaded flu! My husband had the exact same symptoms only about a week or so ago – and he had it for a good 4 days, at least. On Saturday night I felt like I was on my death bed. It was bad! My son was actually the one who reminded me about the onion article I had read. I thought to myself why not? What’s the harm? So, I had my daughter cut an onion in half and put it next to my bed as I laid there feeling like I was going to die. Yes, the room smelled like onion. No, it didn’t make my eyes water (then again they were closed because I had medicated and fallen into a nice sound sleep); however, my husband did say it made his eyes water. When I woke up the next morning I felt refreshed, flu-free, and I was in an amazing mood (I am NOT a morning person!!).

So, next time you or one of your loved ones are sick with the flu, try it. What’s it going to hurt?

Have you tried heard about the benefits of garlic to your health? Could garlic possibly ward off the flu altogether?

Are you willing to try it?

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