Fall Cleaning (Kind Of Like Spring Cleaning)

As if we don’t have enough to do around our house already, there are fall seasonal chores that need to be completed as well. I don’t know how much time you have, but I know that I don’t have a ton of time leftover after work, kids, and regular daily chores. However, these are things that should be done to help keep your home running smoothly so that you don’t have expensive maintenance to do this winter. Personally, I prefer to hire an outside service, like this NYC cleaning service, to some in to do some of my daily and even deep-cleaning chores.

Some of these chores include:

Heating and Cooling Units – replacing filters, cleaning and vacuuming (where appropriate), and performing general maintenance on heating and cooling units during the fall can help reduce expensive repairs during the winter or the following summer.

Appliance Maintenance – we all rely pretty heavily on our appliances…refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, washers, dryers, etc. So, we need to occasionally inspect them to make sure that the hoses aren’t cracked, that cords are all intact, the vents and exhaust need to be cleaned. A quick way to clean the dust out of the bottom of your appliance, where applicable, is to take the foot guard off the front of the appliance (i.e. refrigerator), and vacuum all that dust and grime out. This will help prevent fires and will keep your appliance running smoothly for much longer.

Clutter – we all (okay, almost all of us) gather some clutter throughout the year. Now is the perfect time to go through the closets and get rid of the things that you don’t need to make room for new things. In addition, depending on where you live, it may be time to start looking through the winter clothes to see what still fits and what doesn’t.

Outdoor Areas – there are several things that could need your attention on the outside of your house, as well. Some of these areas include: patio furniture (cleaning of and properly storing for winter months), grills (again, cleaning of and properly storing for winter months), rain gutters, landscaping, etc.

Windows – every once in a while our windows need to be cleaned and the weather stripping and seals should be checked to make sure they don’t need to be replaced. If the weather stripping and / or seals are bad then you could be in for higher utility prices when trying to heat or cool your house.

Can you think of other major areas that should be looked at during a Fall Cleaning?

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