When Is Too Many Teams Just Too Much?

When is being on too many teams at work become too much to handle? This is really something that is personal because some people can handle several teams and team assignments at one time; whereas, some people can only handle a very few. Being a member on one or more teams can not only benefit the company because production can increase, but can also benefit the employee because learning will and does occur in team settings. When everyone is bouncing ideas off of each other and using their strengths to execute on a project, it is much easier to find the right solution for the company. However, according to Joining Teams and Going Overboard!, Jade Peters says, “Knowing when to join teams and resisting teams they know will overwhelm them can help increase their productivity while they still maintain an increase in learning.”

Does your company involve employees in team settings? If so, does your company provide a way for employees to respectfully decline new team opportunities if they are feeling overwhelmed?

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