Slowing Down Just A Little, But I’m Definitely Still Here!

Just in case you haven’t seen my Homepage lately….

I have decided that since my life is so extremely hectic these days with school added to my plate on top of all my regular duties and activities that I am going to slow down on my blog posts. I certainly am not stopping them altogether, just slowing down to once or twice a week. I am still constantly researching new topics, especially through school. I started this blog as something to do for fun and to put new information out there for readers, but when it starts to feel like a chore then I just have to back off for a bit. Don’t worry…I’m still here.

By the way, if anyone has any ideas that they would like to see me write about please feel free to email me your ideas at


    1. Hi there, if you use a site like WordPress you don’t need any html coding experience. There are lots of sites out there that are available to those of us without that experience. It’s a very simple process. If you’d like more info please email me at

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