Post Opening Marketing For Retail Entrepreneurs

Planning ahead of time is crucial to getting the word out that your business is coming. If customers are aware that your business is coming they will become more excited to check your business out shortly after it opens. Getting the word out can be challenging. Below are a few tips.

Budget – Marketing your business is very important to help drive customers to your store. Remember that you must spend money to make money, but not all forms of advertising are created equal. For example, TV commercials, radio, and newspaper advertisements are not always cost effective because they are so expensive and reach such a large radius of customers. TV and radio ads are going to hit a broad audience, oftentimes outside your targeted radius from your store location. Instead, guerilla marketing tactics are very cost effective and sometimes free.

With free and cost-effective marketing, you can focus more funds in other areas of your business. Busy store owners have multiple marketing avenues in place. Some stores have mistakenly relied on one resource (i.e. a nearby university) and focused too much energy on that one thing, while ignoring a greater potential market to target customers. Be sure to use a variety of marketing tactics that are appropriate for the demographics of your area.

Call to Action – Don’t forget to have a clear ‘call to action ‘and be consistent with this message. Be aware, ‘Now Open, ‘ is not a call to action and ‘Buy One Get One Free ‘ messages are not unique. Make sure these messages are simple and easy to understand. A common error in advertising is too much clutter and or multiple calls to action. Keep all forms of advertising neat and clean without a lot of fine print and wording. Finally, do not change your call to action too frequently. Remember that brand recognition can be achieved through a uniform look, meaning that all your forms of advertising ‘match. ‘All guerrilla marketing efforts should have a distinct call to action.

Referrals – Referrals are a great way to boost business without investing in advertising. It is a time- proven strategy that works wonders when done right. Surely all your customers have friends, family and neighbors, and those people are, in essence, ideal customers for you. By building solid relationships with your current customers, they can be a walking and talking advertisement for your business. Word of mouth is your biggest asset and the hardest thing to generate. Take good care of your customer and they will take good care of you. Remember that a satisfied customer will tell three people, while a dissatisfied one will tell 30!

If you already have a retail location open for business, what did you do for post opening marketing?

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