Email Addresses…What Does Yours Say About You?

I work with leads (customers inquiring about a product or service) on a fairly frequent basis. When we receive a lead I get the opportunity to enter the information into our database and send them an initial email, prior to the initial contact, of course! There are times that I laugh because of the email address that the individual has submitted. It is quite interesting some of the email addresses that some people use for business purposes. I honestly don’t know how they can think that businesses will take them seriously!

I found an article titled What Does Your Email Address Say About You? that I found quite interesting, and it got down to the heart of the matter. One of the heading says, “Keep personal email names, personal”…I agree 100%! Now, I have tons of email addresses (none with rude or explicit names), but I use them for different purposes. For example, I have one that is specifically for my bills…this way my bills don’t get mixed in with the rest of my daily barrage of emails in other inboxes. I also have one to store pictures of my family (I don’t ever give this one out). However, when I am conducting business, the email address I typically use is This is professional, even though I am using a ‘free’ service, and everyone knows exactly who I am. I think one of my pet peeve’s is people who use seemingly random letters and numbers that I can never remember and if I don’t enter them into my address book I have no idea who they are when they email me.

This article goes on to talk about avoiding ‘free’ email domains, which is a great idea if you are a business owner. However, if you are just looking for a job, I don’t think that it’s going to make or break your ability to get a job. I have an email address that I can use with my blog, but the domain name is so long that I don’t even want to write it. Maybe I can look into getting that changed…sometime…when I have a few minutes…hhhmmm…

What domain do you use? Is your email address one of those that would be embarrassing if you were to send it out for professional reasons?

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