Burnout…Who Feels It The Most?

We’ve all been there…we’ve all felt it…burnout. We feel like we need a vacation, we have issues getting along well with others, we become irritable at work, and in extreme cases we become depressed because of how we are feeling at work. What causes this? Why do we become like this? Well, the article Predicting Burnout: Playing Well With Others Can Go a Long Way! has some of the answers (I personally believe that there are lots of other reasons that go along with this, but this is a great start). According to this article, individuals who are more optimistic (positive) are less likely to suffer from burnout, and those who are more pessimistic (negative) are more likely to suffer from burnout. It goes on to say that optimistic people are more likely to have healthier social relationships, ask for help, and receive support from coworkers; whereas, the opposite is true for pessimistic people.

While I believe that this is definitely a start, I also feel that the most optimistic person will, and does, feel the burnout after a time. There has to be a healthy balance between work and family (and school if that is mixed into the equation).

Do you think that optimistic people are less likely to feel the burnout that we have all suffered from? What do you think are some other factors that might be involved?

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