9/11…A Day To Remember

Has it been 10 years already? I still remember the 9/11 disaster as if it were yesterday. I was at home, living in Ridgecrest at the time, getting ready for work. My kids (I only had 3 at the time) were playing, and the TV was on in the background. Then the breaking news flashed on the screen. The towers being hit and crumbling. The people running from the collapsing buildings. Fire spewing from the Twin  Towers. News of another plane hitting other government buildings, but no real confirmation for a few minutes. Thick clouds of dust and smoke filling the air so those at ground zero couldn’t breathe, or see. How many more planes? How many more lives will be lost? How will we, the U.S.A, recover from this disaster? Shock and awe, scared, weeping for those lost, prayers for the injured and the families and friends of those involved, thankful heart for those brave rescue personnel who were doing everything they could to rescue as many as possible – these were just some of the emotions running through me.

But, we have recovered from that tragic day. We, as American Citizens, bonded together to help each other. Many people, both civilians and rescue personnel alike, worked tirelessly to save as many people as possible. Far too many lost their lives that dreadful day. My heart still goes out to all those friends and family members of those who died as a result of this horrendous crime. My thanks goes out to all those who rushed in, without a single thought of their own safety, to help save others.

Terrorists think that they can tear apart our great nation by attempting to destroy things and kill people. I wish they would realize that this is not going to happen. Their failed attempts, their failed missions, their failed plans are of no use. We are bigger, we are stronger, and we will prevail in the end. This is not a game. This is life. I have heard rumors of bomb threats around the 10th anniversary of 9/11. What they don’t realize, is that no matter the circumstance, no matter the challenges that they bring to our great country, no matter what they attempt to do, we will prevail because we care about one another, we care about our freedom, we care about helping each other and building each other back up.

What a somber day…I’m just sitting here thinking about all of the reasons I love this great country!

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