Workplace Accidents In Construction Are Deadlier After Lunch

I found the article Workplace Accidents Are Deadlier After Lunch to be quite interesting because it states that while a higher percentage of workplace accidents in the construction industry happen prior to lunch, a high number of fatalities occur in accidents that happen after lunch. The article points out that 57.3% of construction job related accidents happen prior to 1 pm and only 18.2% of accidents happen between 1 pm and 5 pm. However, 29.4% of accident related fatalities occurs between 1 pm and 4 pm. What’s the reason for this?

Several reasons can be at play here, but it is most likely that the highest reasons are first, lack of sleep the night before, see my post Not Enough Sleep can Result in Unethical Conduct and possibly alcohol and / or
drug consumption during lunch hours.

If you are in the construction field, have you ever had an accident at work? If so, was it before or after lunch?

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