Work Spouse

A good friend of mine suggested that I write a blog on the topic of Work Spouse. When I first read the title Work Spouse, I thought about what most people reading this would first think…an intimate relationship with a coworker. However, this is the farthest from the truth. After doing a little research on the topic, I have found several articles pertaining to what a work spouse is, or could be, the type of relationship it is, or could be.



According to the article Signs you might have a ‘work spouse’, there are several indicators as to whether or not you actually have a work spouse.

You have someone at work of the opposite sex with whom you share more personal information with than other individuals in your workplace

  • You frequently go to lunch, dinner, or out to drinks with this individual
  • You help push each other to become better employees and climb the corporate ladder
  • There is no flirting, whatsoever, with this person
  • You both are involved in many of the same meetings and / or you bounce work-related ideas off of each other
  • You confide in this person more than you confide in others in your company
  • You spend a lot of time with this individual, almost as much as you would with your spouse

Please keep in mind that this is not an intimate relationship…it is purely a work relationship where you feel comfortable enough with this individual that you can complain to him or her about work related issues, co-workers, etc. I, personally, don’t have a work spouse, but I do know a couple people in my office who do have a work spouse.

Do you have a work spouse that you confide in at your company?

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