Word Of Mouth – It Really Is More Effective

So, have I or have I not been ‘preaching’ about word of mouth marketing, in really any form? So, today I found this great article about just that! 7 Keys To Word-Of-Mouth Marketing On Facebook talks about why word of mouth marketing is key. Did you know that word of mouth marketing is 8 1/5 – 30 times more effective than any other form of marketing and advertising? The seven reasons of why this form of marketing is so effective, according to the article, are:


  • It advertises itself
  • It acts as social currency
  • It has practical value
  • It elicits emotions
  • It appeals to a common ground
  • It triggers action
  • It tells stories

So, again, to reiterate, every business should be promoting word of mouth marketing through great customer service and great product or service offerings to customers.

Does your company offer above and beyond customer service that would promote word of mouth advertising?

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