Using Facebook To ‘Talk’ To Your Customers

The article 5 Guiding Principles Of Facebook Marketing offers some great advice on how to drive traffic and build a customer base using Facebook. The five principles include:

  • Build a strategy that is social by design
  • Create an authentic brand voice
  • Make it interactive
  • Nurture your relationships
  • Keep Learning

The bottom line is to make your Facebook all about social networking; be human, not a drab company. Engaging your customers in ‘real’ conversations can and will draw in more customers, fans, etc. If you’re constantly selling to them, then they will quickly turn their attention to other companies who don’t. Don’t get me wrong, a little salesmanship in there is a good thing; just don’t push your product or service on them like a used car salesman.

Do you ‘Like’ any companies on Facebook who make you feel like you are part of the conversation instead of being sold to?

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