Saving Money On Groceries

With the way the economy is going these days we are all looking for ways to save money. Most of us don’t have time to be the extreme couponer that we’d love to be, but there is still a little bit of home. The blog titled How to Save Money on Groceries provides some great and realistic tips on how to save at least a little money on grocery shopping.

  •  Cook from scratch – cooking from scratch not only saves money, but is also much, much healthier!
  • Combine sales with coupons – don’t use coupons just because you have them. Use them for the items you would normally     purchase, and especially when those items are on sale. Beware, though, sometimes it is more cost effective to purchase generic items than the name brand you have a coupon for.
  • Enlist your friends – share coupons with your friends. They may have some coupons that you can use and vice versa.
  • Use Craigslist – there are lots of great deals on Craigslist, and sometimes those items may be free. Take a look!

 How do you Save money on groceries?


  1. I find this a huge challenge…because to avoid preservatives, corn syrup, nitrates, hormones, and whatever other stuff we do not want in our food means paying quite a bit extra, and rarely are there coupons for organics or brands that are usually pricey. I find everything costs a lot more when it's minimally processed, and because I avoid canned or pre-made things (and even tomatoes, chicken stock, etc. are a lot more expensive when not full of stuff I don't want, which most generic brands have unfortunately), my food bill is rather significant, even though we eat very modestly. Fish is also very expensive, at least where I am, and getting fresh fruit and veggies that actually have some taste is usually both an expensive and frustrating task. I was thinking though that food is a priority, and because our health depends on it, perhaps the only way to tackle the cost issue is to cut down on other expenses, while investing in quality foods that are simple to make, but use fresh and healthy ingredients. I see many people upgrading phones, cars, electronics, etc…yet looking to cut food costs, which seems strange, because it would seem the foods we eat should be the priority. Great topic Kristy!

    1. I definitely agree that our food should take priority, especially over our electronic devices; however, this doesn’t always happen. I would love to buy all organic foods, but I, like most people, can’t afford that…especially for a family of 7! What I do is I shop for as many organic (or as close to it as possible) items prior to doing the rest of my shopping. Sometimes I can get more items than other times because of sales. I love going to Sprouts…although, I know that everything is not purely organic, it is much closer than most of the items I get from the regular grocery stores. Food prices are getting more and more outrageous these days and it’s getting harder and harder to purchase enough food on a limited budget.

  2. Thanks Kristy. I don't know how you do it for a family of 7, there are 3 of us and of course all the pets, but still, it gets very expensive. And I can't get most things organic or free range either…we'd have to sell the house and the neighbor's house too in this market! lol I've never been to Sprouts, closest one is quite a bit away, but you mentioned it before and I am going to try it.

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