LinkedIn – Both Personal And Professional Uses

I have been a member of LinkedIn for several years. I occasionally update my profile when something has changed and I have had the awesome opportunity to connect with tons of people within my industry, previous colleagues, people I have gone to school with (both as a kid and as an adult), groups that I am interested in, and many other individuals. I am actually amazed at how many people I know professionally who do not have or do not keep their LinkedIn profile current. It can be a great way to get your name out there for a new job, connect to do business with another company, or gain new customers for your business. There is also a way for you to request recommendations from any of your connections on your work that can be posted directly on your profile for other companies and individuals to see and refer too. This can help increase job opportunities and client opportunities. The article How to Make More Money Using LinkedIn has some great tips on how to create, maintain, and use your LinkedIn account to your advantage!

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