Are You Getting Paid What You’re Worth?

When you are interviewing there is always one lingering question in the back of your mind…what am I going to get paid? Well, instead of wondering what the company is willing to pay you, start by deciding what you are worth. What is your worth? What can you bring to the company that no one else does? Then, take the salary issue from there.

The article How to Get Paid What You Want provides a few quick tips on how to address the salary issue with a potential employer:

  1. Don’t provide salary history – this can end up biting you in the end. If you put a salary that is very low, then the new employer will likely feel like they can get away with offering you a lower salary.
  2. Never discuss a salary requirement – don’t give the interviewer an answer of what you are looking for until you understand the salary range for the job you are interviewing for. You don’t want to say a figure that is too low and not get paid what your worth, but you also don’t want to say a figure that is too high and be excluded from the potential employee pool because they feel you want too much money.
  3. Don’t negotiate during the interview – never negotiate the salary in the interview. Ask for a written offer with benefits and perks included so that you can evaluate the offer fully and have time to decide what you would like to counteroffer with.
  4. Ask questions about an offer – ask the employer, once you have received an offer, if it is flexible. The company may be willing to go higher on the salary or offer additional benefits. Most companies start with the lowest amount they feel is fair, but there is usually room to increase.
  5. Make a counter offer – just because the company gave you an offer doesn’t mean that you have to take it. They have offered you the job because they feel that you are the best candidate for the job. Show them why!

Have you ever negotiated your salary? Was it easy or difficult to determine what you’re worth?

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