35 Ways To Maximize Holiday Sales

I know it’s not the holidays…yet…but it’s never too early to start planning for marketing to get the most out of your holiday sales. After all, Christmas is only a few short months away!! Here are some ideas to get your brain working.






  1.  Merchandize your windows to draw in traffic
  2.  Place hot items, display front of store on right when customer enters.
  3.  Create non-inventory signage
  4.  Help your silent sales person, the store place signage with leading questions around the store.
  5.  Offer gift wrapping (all seasons appropriate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza)
  6.  Stocking stuffer section
  7.  Gifts under $20 section
  8.  Kid appropriate gifts
  9.  Advertise holiday specials
  10.  Contact customers to seek opportunities
  11.  Holiday dress for store employees
  12.  Play holiday music
  13.  Serve snacks, drinks (water, hot chocolate, cider)
  14.  Holiday focused tent event with dealer rep
  15.  Hire ‘human’ signs
  16.  Cross market: Place store specials in neighbor’s retail stores
  17.  Send follow up information for add on sales
  18.  Market Family Share: Call to see if people want to add lines as a gift
  19.  Put gift certificate program in place
  20.  Display impulse purchase (gift items) at counter where paperwork is done
  21.  Create holiday specials and promotions around impulse items
  22.  Place promotion flyers in bags of every purchase
  23.  Hot Specials signage
  24.  Make sure you have your holiday inventory on hand
  25.  Check your inventory daily restock as needed
  26.  Have you rearranged store items for holidays
  27.  Decorate the store
  28.  Have special holiday sales contests for employees
  29.  Display capabilities of phones (sample photos, videos)
  30.  Train sales staff to ‘stack’ customers for busy season
  31.  Implement a ‘walk by box’ for flyers on store specials
  32.  Specials table outside store (close out)
  33.  Promote the phone trade in program
  34. Send holiday special emails/txt msg/or mailers
  35. HAVE FUN!!!!

What other great ideas do you have?

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