Viral Marketing – Ever Changing

I have been preaching viral marketing to all who will listen for several years. It is the easiest and most effective way to market your business. While viral marketing has changed a bit over the years, there are still a few basics.

Work of mouth is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to gain attention of new customers. The
only way you will achieve positive word of mouth advertising is to offer a positive experience to your customers…period. By the way, offering a positive experience consists of ensuring that your customer walks out of your business with a resolution. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a good resolution, but your customer does need to feel that you have done everything you can to help their situation and giving value to your customer.

Several other aspects of viral marketing that have changed over the past few years includes: e-books, videos, social networking, e-newsletters, and widgets on iPhone and Android interfaces. Using a strong mixture of several viral marketing avenues can help you to increase the positive marketing for your business.

E-books and e-newsletters are an especially great way to increase visibility and get strong information out to many people at one time. While social networking is great as well, it doesn’t allow you to publish a lot of content at a time. Publishing content that is specific to your customers, or individuals who you would like to become your customers, can help increase your visibility and value to those customers. You don’t have to be a scholar to write, you just have to be passionate (and have a good editor :)).

Think about a company that you find great value in. What type of viral marketing aspects do they participate in?

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