Using Facebook To Increase Sales

Using Facebook to keep in contact with family and friends is fairly simple, for most. However, more and more Facebook users are also ‘Liking’ businesses that they use or have had a good experience with. More often than not, a Facebook user will ask their friends and family (on Facebook) what they like about a specific company or brand before making a purchasing decision.

The article titled 25 Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Sales provides tips on how to grow your fan base, and how to turn that fan base into potential sales. This article points out:

There is one thing to keep in mind with Facebook ‘likes’ and that is that Facebook does not update everyone’s news feeds that ‘like’ your page. Facebook uses a algorithm called “EdgeRank” that determines which fans will receive your page update. It is determined according to how closely engaged you are with the fan.

What I found interesting about this is that it points to the fact that we really have to engage our fans in normal, everyday conversation. The more you can engage their feedback based on their interests, the better able you are to get your posts into their newsfeed. It has turned from a salesman approach to a conversation and inclusion approach. The better your fans feel about interacting with your business, the better you are able to ‘sell’ them on your product or service.

How do you feel when a business that you have ‘liked’ on Facebook engages your interest outside of trying to sell you a product or service? Do you feel that you are more willing to purchase from that company?

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