Show You, Show Me

As an employer you probably have a certain way of doing things, right? You want your employees to clean your store or office a certain way, for example. Or maybe you want certain databases updated with specific information continuously. Better yet, maybe you want your customers treated a certain way. So, how do you get your employees to do this for you?

Simple, show you, show me. First, show your employee exactly what you want done and exactly how to do it. For example, if you want each section in your database filled out completely, sit down with your employee and actually show them exactly what you want them to do. Then, have them show you that they understood the instructions.

The second part of this is follow-up. Follow-up by checking the work of your employee to make sure that they are doing what you have asked and aren’t taking any shortcuts. If needed, show them again, and have them show you (again) that they understood the instructions. Personally, when I am training a new employee I like to either have pre-made instructions for that particular task (something they can take notes on), or I like for them to take notes. If you notice that they aren’t taking notes, just ask them to.

The third, and most important part of this, is to make sure that you are doing exactly what you have asked your employee to do as well. If you deviate from your initial instructions to your employee then you are ultimately changing what you expect from your employee. In business you really can’t abide by the old adage “do as I say, not as I do”.

Have you ever had an employer sit down with you and use this technique? If so, do you think it worked well? Why?

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