Rude Coworkers

If you have been in the workforce for more than a year, you have most likely come across a coworker who is rude, impolite, or just plain hostile. Before you judge this person (which is usually the first thing most people do), take a moment to see if you can decipher why this person is acting this way to you, especially if you don’t believe you have done anything to deserve this treatment.

According to Kate McFarlin, there are four reasons why a person would be just plain uncivil in the workplace.

Mismatched Team Members. If your personalities don’t mesh, neither will your work.

Low Employee Morale. If your company doesn’t promote employee morale (or bother to do anything about low morale) then this could be a huge factor. After all, if they aren’t happy with their company, they won’t be happy with you.

Workplace Stress. There are a lot of causes of workplace stress from too high of a workload, to someone not being able to handle large projects, to inadequate time off from work. If a person’s stress level gets to be too high, then they are sure to be rude to everyone they come across.

Bad Employees. Sometimes employees are just plain bad employees. Maybe they haven’t learned appropriate coping skills, maybe they don’t understand how to interact with people properly, or maybe they just don’t care. In any case, the supervisor should most definitely take corrective action measures before this bad attitude spreads to everyone in the office.

Have you ever worked with someone like this? How did you cope?

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