Recruiting Employees

There are many effective ways to begin recruiting potential store employees. You can post free online listings at local colleges. Contact the career center in your area to save time and money. You can also ask acquaintances for referrals. Post a ‘Now Hiring’ sign in front of your store with your store phone number. Remember that all of these ideas are normally free and will also advertise your business at the same time. Always look for employees even if you have a full staff. If you are constantly looking for employees, you may find the one that is perfect for your store.

Please note: Recruiting of employees should not be conducted on the premises of your competitors, either by physically entering the premises, telephoning, or otherwise affirmatively contacting competitors’ employees while working. If you do, you may end up really making your competitors mad, which could potentially lead to legal issues in the future.

How does your company recruit employees? Do you find that this method is effective?

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