Marketing Design

Any business looking to increase customer or lead base should be looking at the marketing aspect of their business and how it is designed. Everything has a design to it from newspaper ads, to television ads, to internet ads. The design you choose for these marketing ploys can make or break if the ad brings a high return on investment (ROI).



Website Design

Websites should be easy for the consumer or lead to navigate, should give the customer or lead enough information to increase curiosity, and should have a landing page that draws the customer or lead in to click on additional links.

Email / Mobile Marketing

Emails that are sent out as part of a marketing plan should have working links (there’s nothing worse than clicking on a link in the email and it doesn’t work), it should be aesthetically pleasing, and it should give enough information to pique the curiosity of the consumer or lead.

Print Advertising

All print advertisements should have a specific call to action that draws the customer or lead directly into the retail location…possibly a coupon, BOGO, etc. that will help the customer or lead save money.

Social Marketing

Creating a social marketing design is also crucial to creating a specific brand for a company. The brand of a company will increase or decrease the value of a company to their customers or leads.

Does your company have a specific design that it goes to for most marketing or advertising pieces?

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