Interviewing Part 5 – After The Hire

Once an employee has accepted your offer, a few steps must take place to ensure your ‘t’s are crossed and your ‘i’s are dotted. First is the hiring documentation, then the orientation process, then setting parameters, and finally training.

Hiring Documentation – Documentation is a necessary part of each process. No matter what you think may be appropriate, documenting things will always be beneficial in the long run, whether you are completing normal employee review or in the unfortunate event that you run into a legal challenge or other emergency. In every conversation that you have with an employee as it relates to performance or disciplinary concerns, document the conversation. Keep a log with dates and subjects that were discussed. This information needs to be secure and should not be accessible to other employees.

Orientation – Once you have selected an employee you would like to hire, tell them about your business. Tell them about the industry you are in and your store specifically. Get them excited about your business plans, community involvement, and about making money.

Setting Parameters – When hiring an employee, define their duties and set parameters. Do not just tell them the position title. Show them what their job duties will be whether it is selling, managing, customer service, etc., and show them how to be the best in their job role. Get them excited and motivated from the beginning. The more excited they are when going into the job, the more productive they will be. Also, inform them of incentives, compensation tiers, and paydays.

Training – It doesn’t end when you hire the employee. After you have hired the ideal employee, make sure they stay with you by providing ample training, opportunities, and motivational incentives. A happy employee will stay with you longer and will save you money by not having to train a new employee all over again.




In Part 6, the final section to this series, we will discuss compensating your employees.

Did your company give you an orientation, set specific parameters, and offer training when you started?

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