Interviewing Part 3 – Questions To Avoid

According to most state laws, there are a few questions that you must absolutely avoid to keep you and your business out of hot water. Below are some examples. Obviously, you should check with your local and state laws to see if they have additional questions that you should refrain from asking. These are from California law, which is generally has the toughest employer laws.



Interview Questions to Avoid:

–          Marital status? How many children?

–          Ethnicity

–          Personal questions of any nature

–          Age. When do you plan to retire?

–          Are you a smoker?

–          Have you ever filed suite against an employer?


  • NO – Do you have kids in daycare?

YES – Are you able to work the hours for this position?

  • NO – Are you a smoker?

YES – Comment – this is a smoke free environment, smoking is allowed on breaks and at lunch.

  • NO – You look Mexican, can you speak Spanish?

YES – Are you bilingual or can you speak any other languages?

  • NO – What year did you graduate high school? How old are you?

YES – Are you over 18?

In Part 4 we will discuss what to do after the interview process.

Have you ever been asked any of these questions? If so, how did you respond?

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