Interviewing Part 2 – Questions To Ask

In this section we will discuss what to ask an interviewee. Asking the right questions is essential to finding out the right information about the interviewee.

Interview Questions to Ask

When you are interviewing a potential employee there are a few essential administration questions you should ask:

  • Ask ‘What is your availability?’
  • Ask for specific times, days, and dates he or she is available. This will help you choose someone who will fit into your scheduling needs.
  • Ask ‘What type of customer service skills do you have?’ Remember to make sure they have customer service skills and are customer service oriented.
  • The question ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ can give you an idea about where this person wants to be in a few years and if this is the job that will get them there.

Test Ability to Sell

  • Ask them to sell you a paperclip or some random object in the room, one that requires little product knowledge.
  • Can they think on their feet?
  • Are they convincing and comfortable in a sales scenario?
  • This is especially essential if the position they applied for is a sales or managerial position.

Scenario Questions

Scenario questions are excellent in determining if the person is the right fit for the job. They allow you to see how the person would react and also show any strengths and weaknesses in real life examples.

Scenario questions may include:

  • ‘If a customer walks in and wants a charger we do not have, what do you do?’ – This question will show how willing the employee would be to help a customer.
  • ‘If there are multiple customers in the store, how would you attend to all of them?’ – Multitasking is an important part of this business, and this question will show how well an employee would be able to multitask when it is crucial.
  • ‘During downtime, what would you do?’ – This question will show how productive the employee will be when no customers are in the store.
  • ‘A friend wants a discount, how do you handle it?’ – You don’t want your employees to give friends discounts because it will take away from your business. This question will let you see how far the employee will go with discounting for friends.
  • ‘What if you don’t know the technical specs of a phone?’ – This is also a customer service question. This question will show how far the employee will go to help your customers.

Invite them for a second interview and role play if you like how they interviewed. Show them a little about what they will face on the floor and see how they will react in different situations. Call the candidate’s referrals and last employer to verify information expressed during the interview and noted on the resume.

In Part 3 we will discuss the types of questions to avoid.

What is the hardest interview question you have ever been asked?

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