Independence Day

Since it is Independence Day, I decided to write something a little different. With all of the parties,
barbeques, and fun being had, sometimes we may forget the real reason for this great day. However, there is also a reason for all of these festivities, which will be explained in just a bit.

The true ‘party’ of Independence Day is because July 4th was the day that the final draft of the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress. According to Celebrate
Independence Day
, “From July 8, 1776, until the next month, the document was read publicly and people celebrated whenever they heard it.” However, the war of Independence was not yet over and it was not until 1783. The 4th of July didn’t become a federal holiday until 1941 when it was declared by Congress.

John Adams was a lawyer, the first Vice President, the second President of the U.S., and one of the members of Congress to sign the Declaration of Independence. When he signed the Declaration of Independence, he wrote a letter to his wife: “I believe that it will be celebrated by pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other…,”
according to Celebrate
Independence Day
. Hence, the reason to party on the 4th of July!

Some fun facts about the 4thof July:

  • There’s a 1-in-6 chance the beef on your grill
    came from Texas
  • The monetary value of fireworks imported from China
    every year is approximately $190.7 million
  • There are 50 U.S.
    flags flown 24 hours a day at the Washington Monument
  • 150 million hot dogs are generally consumed on the 4th
    of July weekend
  • Independence Day was first celebrated in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776
  • 1804 was the year that the first 4th of July celebration
    was held at the White House
  • Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on Independence Day, 1826
  • The Declaration of Independence was not signed on July 4th…it
    was actually August 2, 1776

What is your favorite 4th of July fact?


  1. Great post Kristy! Love the facts! I didn't know (and surely we learned it) about the Aug, 2 signing date.

    1. Joanna, isn't it amazing what we seem to forget from when we were kids? I actually did a trivia questions sheet for work for the 4th of July…there was over 40 questions…all very interesting. Maybe I'll post it 🙂

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