Employee Burnout

In industries that are more dangerous (i.e. construction, transportation, warehouse, etc.) employees can see a much faster rate of burnout than in some other industries; however, burnout is always a factor that employers should be aware of in any industry. In the dangerous professions, burnout can be all that much more disastrous if shortcuts are taken and the employee is injured, or even killed. It takes more than just providing some OSHA regulated safety training. According to the article, Stop Burnout, Increase Engagement & Improve Safety…by Providing Supportive Environment?, employers should also provide support to employees by supervisors or coworkers, team building activities, a positive work environment, the feeling of job security, additional workplace safety training, and the ability for employees to feel like they are part of the team by allowing them to participate in activities around the workplace by either providing their input or by physically aiding in an activity. Creating a positive and supportive work environment should be a company’s top priority. After all, if you don’t have employees to do the work, then you don’t have a company.

Have you worked at a company where you became burned out? Are you burned out at your job now? What do you think would help you get past that feeling?

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