Cleaning The Grease and Grime

During my last move, I was trying desperately to wash off the stuck on grease and grime on my kitchen cabinets, especially above the stove. There are lots of cleaning products out there, but what I’ve found works best is Dawn dish soap and isopropyl alcohol.

  • First, put on gloves and get an old rag that you don’t mind discarding when this project is complete.
  • Second, soak the corner of the rag with isopropyl alcohol and begin scrubbing the cabinet, including handles. Be careful not to scrub the paint off; however, a fresh coat of paint on a cabinet for a touch up after cleaning is not a bad idea.
  • Third, after getting most of the grease and grime off, get a scrubbing sponge and saturate with Dawn dish soap and finish cleaning the cabinet. Dry thoroughly when done.

Yes, elbow grease is required, but I’ve seen this work wonders!

Do you have a special recipe for cleaning the grease and grime off of your kitchen cabinets? Please do share!


  1. I don't have cabinets above the stove :-)…but the filters over the stove need to be washed, and Dawn does a great job. After soaking them, I also run them through the dishwasher. I also found that Method All Purpose Cleaner works wonders in the kitchen…I like it much more than Windex or Fantastic, it smells great (love the Grapefruit & Tangerine) and I can use it even on my wooden cabinets, metal fixtures, granite countertops and travertine floors.

    1. I will have to try Method All Purpose Cleaner…I'm always looking for new cleaners that do the job better than the one's I use now. The filters are such a pain to clean, but so necessary! Thanks for the tip!

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