Battling Trash Can Odors Between Trash Days

I am sure that everyone has had trash can odors at some point. The big question is…how do I get rid of
them? There are a few ways, as pointed out in the article 4 Ways to Battle Trash Can Odors. I’ve used almost all of these suggestions, and for the one’s I haven’t, I will just have to try them now :).

First, wash out your trash can. Grease, liquid, and yucky trash can get spilled or leaked to the bottom of the trash can causing some pretty gross odors, even if there’s a brand new trash bag in there. I like to use dawn, which fights grease, or a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of water and bleach. The article suggests bleach, but I don’t like to use straight bleach because it can cause damage to some trash cans.

Next, you can either take your trash out twice a day, or you can put something in it to help dissolve the odors. This article mentions baking soda (which I also keep open in my refrigerator and kitchen cabinets), cat litter, or fabric softener sheets. Personally, I prefer the baking soda because it keeps the odor away without leaving another smell in my kitchen. I prefer my kitchen to smell like my yummy cooking instead of my laundry or kitty litter (I use the pretty smelling kind for my kitties).

Have you had to battle trash can odors before? What did or do you use to keep the smell away?

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