Advertising Isn’t The End Of Marketing

Marketing doesn’t mean just putting information out there for your customers to see to bring them in. If your customer calls your business to get additional information because they did see one of your ads and they don’t get prompt, professional service they are likely to not use your company to solve a need they have. They will quickly move on to the next company and forget that you even exist.

It is extremely important to promptly and professionally answer incoming calls. Use a personalized greeting and identify the destination as your company’s location. The phone is often an overlooked marketing opportunity and at the very least, a way to capture customer information for follow-up. Consider: if you have 10 callers a day and they refer three people to your store, and you follow-up with these new contacts, then you have successfully increased your customer base by 30 people a day. Don’t be afraid to ask open-ended questions to learn how to supply customers with a solution to best fit their needs over the phone. Invite customers to the store, give driving directions or landmarks and tell them to ask for you by name. If you do not have what they need, then get it and call them back. When helping a customer in the store and the phone rings, ask permission of the customer to answer the phone. Nothing is worse than being interrupted or ignored during the sales process by an incoming call put first; therefore, be quick and courteous with the caller and ask if you can have their information to call them right back.

In addition, ensure that your voicemail is setup appropriately in the event you are busy with another customer and cannot answer the call or if your business is closed.

Voicemail Setup Suggestions:


  • Your customers have called your company, state the name on the voicemail message
  • Your store address, relevant landmarks and directions
  • Your business hours
  • The services and products you offer
  • Special promotions
  • Invite customers to leave a message

Does your company have procedures in place to continue the marketing of the business when a customer calls into your business?

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