The Simple Things In Life

As I have grown, married, and had children I have realized that there are more important things in life than nails, fancy clothes, and high heels. Having children at a young age didn’t really give me much time in my life to really ‘enjoy’ some of the things that single, childless women my age get excited over. But I wouldn’t change any of this for the world!

I know lots of women who are my age, who are not married, and who get excited about dinner parties, getting their nails done, getting highlights done in their hair, going to the day spa, having weekly girls night out, and going on dates. While this is certainly not my life, I absolutely love my life.

For me it is the simple things in life…the new mop, a new shower gel or conditioner, new vacuum, new tires for my car, or even an extra half hour to spend with my children because someone helped me get something else done just a little early. Yes, I’m proud to admit it…these are things that make me happy. Sometimes the simple things in life are what counts. I’m not big into the roses and chocolates (although they are nice every once in a while), I don’t go for regular massages (although I could definitely use it), I’m not into the big, fancy, expensive jewelry (no need for it), and I’d rather go out for a nice dinner (not too fancy) and a walk on the beach than going out to the fanciest restaurant or even ‘clubbing’. I’m a mom and I’m proud to admit it!

Gentlemen, is the lady in your life more interested in the ‘high maintenance’ life, or the simple life? Ladies, what makes you happy?

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  1. 🙂 I think I know the type you're alluding to here…when one's entire life is about outfits, nail salons, spas and shopping, something's wrong. And by wrong I mean out of balance. I too get excited about little things, and big things like really efficient washing machines! 🙂 But I confess I'm very girly, so I like sparkly things and clothes and nice restaurants (not stuffy!), and some designer stuff…makeup, perfume, shoes!!! 🙂 I am lucky that where I live I'm surrounded by shopping options that offer some really great deals, and occasionally when I do shop for myself, I really enjoy finding things I like for a really great price. Most of the time though, it's all about the house and kids, and that makes me happy. I believe that appreciation for nice things and a bit of pampering occasionally are good to enjoy. But, I spent my early childhood in a country where a bottle of decent shampoo was a total luxury. My parents and grandparents shared humbling stories of growing up during the war, and dealing with such hardships…and so I also, to this day, feel grateful for everything from having a hot shower, to being able to make cookies for my kids in a nice kitchen, to a sip of Coke (yes, not so good but still a treat I remember from childhood), to the joy of buying some pretty little thing that may not be worth a lot, but is special nonetheless. (Ok, and now I confess I'd love a massage and a facial on a regular basis! 🙂

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