Telecommuting And Training

Telecommuting or is growing fairly rapidly, especially as technology evolves and allows us to do more away from our offices than ever before.  A company offering telecommuting options to an employee must have some technical and procedural resources and processes in place, along with very specific rules and consequences for the employee. Most companies have networks setup where an employee can log into the company network and access email and needed files and documents. This is a must. Most companies no longer only rely on emails to get information from one employee to another, even in companies where telecommuting is not offered.

The article Telecommuting Advisor offers some simple, yet imperative advice on how to train employees and supervisors in this growing field.

Employees, supervisors, and other staff in the office should be trained on what to expect, how to handle situations, etc. Keep in mind that most companies that offer telecommuting don’t offer this as a full-time option. Most companies require employees to be in the office once a week, or more often depending on the workload, meeting schedules, etc. Telecommuting is not something that is for everyone, but you won’t know if it’s for you until you try it.

Have you ever or do you currently telecommute? What has been your experience with telecommuting?

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