Sports For Kids

Having your child in some form of sports is good for a lot of reasons. According to Thelma Gomez, “More than 40 million kids between the ages of six and 17–both male and female–participate in athletics in the United States.” My children have tons of activities they participate in on a regular basis, including school get-fit programs and Karate. Their Karate schedules are quite hectic…Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday…but it really gives them the discipline and teamwork that they need. Some reasons for putting kids into some form of sports, such as Karate, baseball, football, soccer, etc. are:

Physical Health

With the increasing obesity rate of children in the U.S., being physically active is extremely important to children (and adults) to keep weight down, to keep a healthy heart, to help prevent weight-related diabetes, to increase strength, endurance, and to build healthy bones. Also, physical activity helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Psychological Health

Increased physical activity helps increase self esteem and promotes a healthy attitude about themselves and about life.


Children who are in sports tend to do better academically because of how physical conditioning increases blood flow to the brain, thus increasing thinking abilities.


Children who participate in team based sports learn the value of teamwork and they learn how to be a good team player, which is extremely important when they get into the “real world” and have to work with coworkers on projects.


Children in sports generally are better disciplined because of the training they endure, the practices they go through to become better athletes, and the coaching they receive in their sports.

Can you think of any other positive reasons to have children in sports?


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