Provide Employees With Specific Things To Do

Unless you specifically tell your employees what to do when they open the business for the day, close the business for the day, or when they have downtime, they will find their own things to do. Providing specific checklists for your employees for each of these times will help them understand what you expect of them, and will help to train them to not waste time while on the clock.

Start Day Activities – When beginning the day, there are many items that need to be completed and, as a business owner, you need to be assured that everything is completed in a timely manner.

  • Check email throughout the day
  • Take the cash deposit to the bank
  • Place marketing collateral outside (i.e. balloons, A-frame signs, etc.)
  • Turn on lights and background music
  • Conduct brief inventory count
  • Listen to voicemail messages
  • Clean any clutter, fingerprints, footprints, etc. around the business
  • Review daily reports and goals
  • Order any inventory needed

Downtime Activities – There will be downtime in your store. You should always stay busy and keep your employees busy.

  • Check email messages
  • Send marketing thank you cards, coupons, etc. to customers
  • Start planning the next month’s marketing strategies
  • Contact neighboring businesses for cross promotion marketing campaigns
  • Order marketing materials (i.e. banners, swag, signage, etc.)
  • Attend Chamber of Commerce events
  • Call recent customers to ensure they are happy with the products / services they recently purchased

Closing Activities – Just because the last customer has left your store and you have put up your closed sign does not mean that you are done for the night. Some closing activities can be started before actually closing if you are not busy with customers.

  • Run nightly reports
  • File sales documents
  • Audit your point of sale transactions
  • Count the cash drawer down and get the deposit ready for the next morning
  • Put any products that are out of place in appropriate place
  • Clean the office to keep a professional look
  • Turn off any background music, turn off lights, and activate alarm before leaving

Does your company have checklists for employees to keep them busy and productive?

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