One-On-One Time With Children

Future Fashion Store Owner

Spending individual time with your children is important, especially when you have several children, as I do. However, carving out that time may be difficult when you are a busy parent, as I am. I do my best to do spend individual, quality time with each of my children periodically, though. Spending quality time with each child will help them to know that you love them, build self-confidence, and make them feel special (which each child should). Today I had the privilege of spending time with one of my daughters, and while it was only a short amount of time, we had fun. I found out that if she could own any business she wants when she grows up it would be a fashion store :).

I have found several activities to do to spend time with my kids that are low-cost, or even no-cost:
  • Window shop at an indoor or outdoor mall
  • Window shop on a street where vintage stores are an abundance (such as in downtown Fullerton)
  • Taking a walk on the beach
  • Going out for an ice cream cone
  • Stadium tours, such as the Angel Stadium (these are usually inexpensive – $2-$5 each)
  • Helium balloon rides (some areas have these for free or low-cost)
  • Walk on the pier
  • Museum (some museums have free kids days)
  • Street fairs
  • Bike ride together
  • Walk around the block
  • Farmers market
  • Local zoo’s (local zoo’s are usually cheaper than the larger one’s)
  • Arboretum

What are some free or low-cost activities you have in your area?

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