Functional Or Beautiful?

Most every woman wants to have a beautifully decorated house that is free from clutter, dust, and little footprints all over the floor. While I am no exception, I do prefer functional over beautiful. If I can’t do what I need to in my house, then what’s the point? A few muddy footprints never hurt anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about clean…and my kids know that all too well!

One of my big things I that I’ve got to get on my treadmill as much as possible, but if it’s stuck out in the garage, then how am I going to use it and still watch the kids to make sure chores are getting done and my house isn’t being turned upside down? So, we have moved (upon my strong request) the treadmill into the living room. No, not in the middle of the room where no one can see the TV, but up against the wall. (The TV turns so that you can see it while on the treadmill, just in case anyone was wondering).

Yes, my house is still decorated…no, it isn’t dust or toy free, but I like it nonetheless AND I can use everything I need! The best of both worlds…functional and beautiful.

Is your house functional, beautiful, or both? What makes it that way?


  1. Great idea, and it makes total sense. For me, whatever space I'm in has to work on every level. With kids and pets things can't be exactly the way I'd ideally choose, particularly when it comes to the sofa!…but the compromise works and it does give me the best of both worlds. I try to have fresh flowers or some candles around to personalize my space. One of the things that used to bother me is that I had stuff on the walls that didn't add anything to my life or express who I am/we are. Yes, these were collectible pieces, and fit well, but I decided I wanted to replace most of them with my art photography and some special drawings the kids made me on display…so I tried to find frames and make it all fit nicely. I'm very happy with the results. And around my desk I am surrounded by artwork my kids made. Most are framed, but some are not…my youngest just nailed a third drawing in a series and it's just wonderful. 🙂

    1. It’s funny that you mention walls and that you have replaced your traditional pieces with pieces that represent who you are. I, too, have gone this route. I used to have large, beautiful artwork hanging on my walls. One day I realized that these pieces weren’t who I am / we are. So, I have since change to hanging other things instead. Some of the pieces I have on my walls have been gifts from my husband, which I absolutely love – not only because he gave them to me, but because they are beautiful as well. I also have my diplomas on my wall in our ‘desk area’ which really the far end of the living room (my living room is quite long and is split up into two sections). I once had a friend ask me, “Why do you have all of your diploma’s hanging on the wall? Are you trying to show off?” My response was to the effect of: “Not at all. Having these hung here not only reminds me everyday of the blood, sweat, and tears I have dedicated to my education, but it also gives my children something to strive for in their own lives and careers.” My walls, while not ‘busy’, definitely represent who I am and who my family is without overpowering others who come into our home.

      I also love the idea of framing your children’s artwork! I will have to start doing this as I have some aspiring artists in my home as well. Thank you for sharing.

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