Flexible Schedules For Moms

Having flexibility in your job, especially as a working mother, can help increase the sense of job security, lowers work-related stress, and increases productivity. This is according to an article titled Flexible Schedule Helps Keep New Moms in the Workplace. While this specific article focuses on new mothers, I believe this is true of any mother with children still living at home. Things happen…illnesses, injuries, doctor’s appointments, etc. It’s a part of life, and having a job where your work hours are flexible can greatly reduce the stress of taking care of your children.

The stresses of being a mother and raising children are hard enough, but to feel that your job isn’t secure creates unneeded work-related stress that can manifest itself not only in the workplace, but also in the home. If mom is stressed, then everyone is stressed. At least that is what happens in my home.

Do you feel the same way? Is everyone stressed when Mom is stressed in your home?

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