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Providing services to employees, especially in these economic times, is crucial in helping your employees find an appropriate work / life balance. Being competitive in any industry includes offering services to employees that other companies may not offer, including flex-time, telecommuting options, child-care options, and workout equipment / time for physical exercise.

With lives how they are these days, hectic, your employees are not only stressed on the job, but off the job as well. As the number of two-parent working households increase, so does the spreading of the daily and monthly household chores, such as cleaning, cooking, balancing the checkbook, playing chauffer to children’s activities, paying bills, shopping, etc. As there becomes less and less time to do this activities due to increased commute times and increased work hours and workloads, your employees will feel more and more stressed, thus producing lower quality and quantity of work, increasing employee turnover, and the overall general decline in employee morale and quality of life.

Does your employer offer services that you feel increase your quality of life?


  1. Very important issue Kristy, I'm so glad you're bringing it up. Compared to my friends in Europe, in similar fields, friends in the US are working longer hours, have less benefits, and certainly far less vacation time, as well as flexibility overall. I'd be interested to know what percentages of US companies offer services as you mentioned, and make them available to all employees…what I've heard are horror stories about 2 year wait lists for child care, overcrowded and ultimately inaccessible gyms, and other programs that seem to be more motivated by improving company image and getting some extra tax deductions than actually making people's lives easier.

    1. Joanna,

      Unfortunately, there are far too many companies like that in the U.S. However, it seems that health insurance provided to employees is on the rise, thanks to Obamacare, at least as of January of this year, according to Forbes. According to this article, United Health Group, Inc. reported addition of 75,000 new customers working in businesses with fewer than 50 employees, Coventry Health Care, Inc. reported an 8% increase (115,000 new customers), and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City reported a 58% increase only one month after Obamacare went into effect.

      According to the 2008 Post-Gazette, 62% of all companies (small, medium, and large) offer some form of wellness program to their employees. According to this article, it is mainly to help offset the rising health insurance costs, but it does offer a lot of additional benefits to the employees.

      So, there are benefits out there that companies are offering, but more companies need to offer more benefits to their employees. In an economy where employees are willing to work longer hours, more days, etc. because they really need the money, the employers need to be cognizant of this and motivate them.

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