B&E…On Your Own Home?

Do you consider breaking into your own home, much less your own bedroom as breaking and entering? Well, that’s just what I had to do last night when I got home. My wonderful husband had locked our bedroom up nice and tight because our oldest is already out of school and she stayed home yesterday. While I doubt she would ever get into anything, we really didn’t want to take the chance; hence, locking the bedroom door to the house and the sliding glass door to the backyard. Unfortunately, the one and only window connected to my bedroom is our very tiny bathroom window. After realizing that I didn’t have the key to my bedroom door, I was attempting to find a way to get in. For a while it really looked hopeless. I doubted that I would be able to get any of my children through that bathroom window. I took a chance, though.

Trying to decide which child to use really wasn’t all that difficult. I really only have two children that are thin enough and tall enough to even possibly fit through that tiny window. Knowing that my son is the most daring of the two (and knowing his ability to fit really just about anywhere), I chose to elect him as my B&E man.

Being deathly afraid of heights, I hoisted him up on our ladder and helped him get into the window feet first, because it would obviously be a very bad idea for him to go in head first and potentially fall on the stone seat in the shower that is located directly under the bathroom window. My brave little man did it! He successfully broke into my room and got the door open. I just pray that this doesn’t lead to other, more dangerous, events in his future…

Have you ever had to break into your own home? How creative did you have to get?


  1. 🙂 had a few of these too! great way to learn vulnerabilities in one's home. we usually got back in through a back door (basement) or some little window somewhere. the scary part was seeing how easy it was to get back in, so now in this new house, i've not only got a security system, but doors & windows that are super secure, so if i ever lose my keys or the garage opener breaks down, i will be in big trouble! 🙂

    1. Joanna, it is always unsettling to learn about the vulnerabilities in our own homes. It’s not something that most people think about until they have to break into their own homes. Luckily, on this particular day, we had left the window open. On any other day, I would have been fixing a door jam from breaking the door down. Sometimes, this is a good lesson for us because then we can fix those vulnerabilities. 🙂

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