Attracting The Right Leads

Some companies still believe that getting a higher number of leads will lead to greater closing success, which really is not the case at all. Many franchising companies still only advertise online through franchise websites, or they may even attend a tradeshow a time or two. Sure, you will get thousands of leads (and I know from personal experience – thousands of leads), but it has been my experience that 85%+ won’t close because they were just going through and clicking on ads to receive more information. The majority of those leads that you receive through franchising websites or through tradeshows won’t even return your call. If they do happen to pick up your call, they won’t have realized how much your business opportunity costs, the time and dedication it takes to start and run a business, or that you will also want to complete a background / credit check on these individuals (hopefully you are doing this).

I have spoken to so many leads that didn’t read the ad and only have a limited amount of funds to start a business. This may be the right amount for some franchise-type-businesses, but not for all. I have also noticed that 99.9% of leads that I have spoken with in the past did not actually read the advertisement they clicked on, and / or they did not go to the website to actually look at the opportunity.

So, what do you do to fix this? If you choose to advertise through other websites, such as franchising sites, have the advertisement direct them back to your website instead of having them fill out a form through this third party website. However, you have to make sure that your website is up to par and ready for those interested parties. Magdalena Georgiva has offered a 5-Step Guide to Optimizing Landing Pages, which speaks to what your customers should see when opening your landing page, which, by the way, may be the only page of your website they see if it’s not done right.

So, instead of just posting expensive ads all over the internet (or in magazines) try optimizing your website to promote your business in a manner that will draw in customers. If you do choose to advertise online, I would recommend having the advertisement direct your customer to your website instead of offering a generic form for them to fill out.

Do you have a website? If so, does it meet the standards that Magdalena Georgiva talks about?

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