The Palm Of Their Hands

Social media advertising is rapidly growing as the mobile market is expanding. The wireless industry has seen a “300% jump in traffic from tablets in the last six months”…and the new formatting of advertisements has jumped as well (Kapko, p. 1). As the mobile media changes, so will the way businesses advertise to the general public. There are far less initiatives to printing advertisements, unless the company is targeting specific consumers, because these advertisements are costly and generally get thrown in the garbage. Why not advertise to the mobile users? Put your name in the palm of their hands, literally, by joining one of the fastest growing ways to reach your customers. Just remember, even with mobile advertising, you have to have a call to action…an eye grabbing…headline and message that will spark the reader’s eyes and tug at their conscious.

What was the last eye grabbing headline that you saw on your mobile device?

Kapko, M. (2011). AdMob releases new ad formats for tablets, reflects on first year at Google. RCR Wireless News. Retrieved from

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