Do Not Disturb!

After getting home from a long day at work most women tend to jump right into the kids, homework, cooking, cleaning…..etc. What about mom? When I have had a rough day and need to unwind for a few minutes before I start dealing with the “house” I let the kids know that I will be in my room (so they don’t freak out because they can’t see me) and I tell them that unless someone is bleeding (profusely) or has a bone sticking out, they are not to bother me. Sometimes this works, and sometimes this doesn’t; however, I’ve made this a routine so my kids have become accustomed to Mommy Time. I usually take about 10 minutes to change from my work clothes into something a bit more comfortable (and something I’m not so worried about getting stained) and unwind for a minute. I nearly always light a candle to help calm me and sometimes I turn the TV on for a few minutes; sometimes I just sit and relax on my bed; and sometimes I sneak out back and play with the dog for a minute. Whatever I choose to do, it’s all about me for a few minutes!

I think every parent needs to do this…whether it is 5 minutes or 30…it must be done to help keep the sanity in the house. A happy mom makes for a happy house.

Do you take a few minutes for yourself everyday? If so, what helps to relax you?

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