Candles…An Essential Ingredient To Life

Scented candles are an essential for me to survive these days. Even if I’m just making the bed, cleaning up the living room, or working on the computer, I like having scented candles lit in whatever room I am in. Without even realizing it at the moment, they help me to relax just a little more. Stephanie Davies wrote an article about using candles to relax. She says, “…the act of simply having lit candles is very relaxing in itself. Whether simply around the house, in the bathtub, or during intimate moments, candles can enhance and bring peacefulness to our hectic lives” (Davies, 2009, para. 7). If you follow the article link at the coordinates below you will find relaxation techniques using candles that may be helpful for you. As for me, I just love looking at them and smelling the beautiful aroma they let off.

The Desert Reign Candle Company has amazing scented candles in many sizes and colors that burn beautifully. You even get to mix and match your preferred color with your preferred scent. So, you don’t have to have a purple candle that smells like lavender if you don’t want. Pick the color to match the décor in the room you will put it in, and pick the scent that you love the best. This business is a wonderful idea, especially for moms who need to relax. Please visit for sizes and pricing.

What is your favorite color and scent for candles in your house?

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