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Reasons Why Video Advertising Is The Next Big Thing

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What is Video Advertising?

There is no denying that videos offer a powerful way to engage the audience and foster sharing of content, which in turn can work wonders on brand awareness, driving sales.

In fact, according to an article by Forbes, while 55% of the people across the world watch videos online every single day, 92% of those who consume mobile videos, share them with others. People are watching videos to be entertained, inspired, relax, learn something new, pursue an interest or hobby, progress in a task and even communicate and connect with others.

Videos are also evolving rapidly with such growing popularity. According to a forecast by Cisco, by 2021, the video will account for 82% of all internet traffic, rising from 73% in 2016.

Marketers understand this inclination towards video content only too well. This is why video advertising is increasingly becoming an integral part of their marketing strategies. Video advertisements are display ads that have videos within them. They often pop up before, during or after video streaming. Video ads are inexpensive to make and easy to post and promote. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and, of course, YouTube are some of the chief advertising portals.

Trends in Video Advertising

Some key trends that are defining video advertising today include:

  • Personalization: Video ads are being produced and customized for different audiences. Personalization allows retention to video ads, which drives the click-through-rate (CTR) and the conversion rate (CVR).
  • Shorter Video Ads: The attention span of the audience is gradually decreasing. This is leading marketers to limit video ads to just 15 seconds or less, from the earlier 20-30 seconds. The aim is to reduce fluff and say what’s needed. Short ads allow marketers to create more A/B test variants to end up with the best version.
  • User-Generated Content: Also known as user-created content, user-generated content includes images, videos, text, and audio posted by users on social media. People are more likely to trust opinions of their peers over that of marketers or brands. Promoting UGC through video ads can garner more views.

Types of Online Video Advertising

Online video advertising has evolved to include three basic types:

  1. In-Stream Video Ads: Present in the video player itself, in-stream video ads are embedded in the video stream, as a part of it.
  2. Out-Stream Video Ads: Commonly referred to as “native video” or “in-read,” an “out-stream” video ad is a new type of video advertising. The ad is played when the user navigates through a site while going through the text content.

  1. Interactive Video Ads: Giving you the experience of being in a video game, an interactive video ad is an interesting form of advertising that thoughtfully blends creativity, advertisement, and business. It can give users a real-time choice to pick the way they view a video.

Reasons Why Video Advertising is the Next Big Thing

Here are few advantages fueling the rapid growth of video advertising:

  • Everybody is using it: More than 60% of businesses have used video in their marketing mix, of which more than 80% believe that video marketing is an important part of their marketing strategy, according to Wyzowl’s statistics.
  • Higher Audience Reach: Video Advertising offers huge audience reach. It engages people and evokes emotions, which in turn help marketers build trust and create long-term relationships.
  • Ensures Brand Awareness: Videos are a quick and easy-to-understand way to spread information about a product and help the consumer make an informed decision.
  • Increases Sales: Deploying video advertisement in a marketing strategy can drive conversions and, therefore, sales. Giving businesses the opportunity to wow their customer, video ads expose the viewer to even the minute details of the product in the most exciting way, which increases the likelihood of people buying it.


  • Higher Search Engine Rankings: Most search engines, including Google, have started giving greater weightage in their rankings to video content. So, by including videos in their online content, businesses can ensure higher search engine rankings. Embedding video can create backlinks, which can also help boost search engine rankings.
  • More Appealing: Our brain is highly responsive to images. And, creating video content linked to the target consumer’s interests is cost effective too. A playful combination if spend, sight and motion in a high-quality video can be very effective.
  • Much Better than Reading: Video watching is much more convenient and easily understood than reading a text. Taking advantage of people’s visual and auditory senses, videos connect with viewers at a more emotional level than text.
  • Involves the User: Interactive videos are designed to make the viewer feel a part of the entire experience. This type of video advertisement gives a feeling similar to playing a video game.

Video Advertising is a Game Changer!

Needless to say, video advertising has been ruling in 2018 and will continue to do so for many more years to come. It has revolutionized the way marketers connect with the target audience. Video advertising offers a plethora of opportunities to startups and established brands to engage the audience at an emotional level, which is what drives customer loyalty.

All you need to do, therefore, is to get an Explainer Video Company to create amazing original videos that appeal to your target demographic. This can set your business apart from the competition.

Author Bio: Mansi Kakkar is the creative writer for Animate2Explain Ltd. from Croydon, South London. She has worked her magic on the company for years with her writing skills. Delivering on point information every single time, she captures the various aspects of customer experiences when it comes to animation related queries. She is not shy to make new friends, indulge in interesting conversations and makes sure to bring all those memories back home.


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What Happens As Your Business Grows?

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It can often feel as though the hardest part of running any business is getting over that first essential hurdle to success. As though taking your business from something that is little more than an idea in your head, to something that is actually making a profit is all that really matters. However, it doesn’t take much to see that this is a pretty short sighted approach to running any business. The truth is that every step of the way, running your business is going to be a challenge. Seeing your business grow is a wonderful thing and it’s most definitely a sign that you’re doing something right. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its own set of unique challenges. With that in mind, here are some things that you will need to do in order to keep your business afloat as it grows.

Focus on sustainability

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of business owners make is that they fail to focus on sustainability for their business as it grows. Instead, what happens is that they let their ambitions get ahead of them and it ends up causing their business to collapse under its own weight. If you’re trying to grow your business too quickly, you’re not going to be able to keep up with the additional demands that that places on you. By taking your time and focusing on keeping things sustainable, things are going to be a whole lot easier.

Learn how to share the workload

It can be surprisingly difficult for a lot of business owners to learn to let go as their business grows. You might not think this is the case since most of us would probably much rather share the load than taking on everything ourselves. However, when you’re a business owner you have so much stock in your business that letting go can be a challenge. However, from embracing the new sales process that a larger business needs, to understanding the importance of outsourcing for any business, being able to share out the workload is essential for any growing business. It might be hard, but doing what you want isn’t always what’s best for the business.

Look to the future

Of course, even as you’re getting used to the new challenges that your growing business will present you with, you should still be looking forward to what comes next. After all, every stage in your business’s life is going to be different and if you’re not prepared for what’s coming, you could find yourself right back to the drawing board all over again.

The most important thing to remember is that there really never is a point where running your business becomes “easy”. The truth is that every stage in your business’s life is going to present its own unique set of challenges that you will need to overcome. However, the thing to remember is that, as your business grows, you will have a huge amount of experience and previous victories behind you, spurring you on to even great success.

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Perfecting A Product Launch: The Right Steps To Take

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Proper Plans



As almost any kind of business will not need reminding about, getting off to a great start with proper product launch planning is not just fairly important, but absolutely critical — especially for companies involved in a highly-competitive market. However, it is all very well being aware of the importance of effective product launch events at a well promoted exhibition, but if we do not have the right expertise in planning the exhibition, we will need to find a firm that does.

In fact, many of the more diligent business-people with aims of having a truly magnificent product launch will take time to scour the net for sites with articles about product launch planning. There are articles you can find online which can help you come up with a plan. Indeed, companies that aspire to become a market leader will only be able to realize their business goals by putting in the effort when going about planning the launch of the products they have on offer. Of course, one way to help ensure our event to launch a new range of goods is successful would be to source some of the better options in exhibition stands from a UK-based firm. Once we have managed to carry out such an essential business practice successfully, it would be wise to carefully plan our product launch with an expert in these events.

Some of the more vital things to think about when planning a product launch are shown below:

  1. Prepare well before our intended launch
  2. Make products available to influencers such as bloggers
  3. Use social media leaks leading up to the event
  4. Do something unusual for the launch event
  5. Make it easy for people to learn more about our products

Product Launch



Business-people busy brainstorming ideas related to their upcoming product launch event should make sure they do not forget about things like using impressive displays at their exhibition. In addition, it is extremely important for companies looking forward to their first ever product launch to get in touch with a firm specializing in the hiring and setting up of bespoke exhibition stands. Indeed, catchy modular exhibition stands by Aspect Exhibitions could prove to be a decisive factor behind a successful product launch, no matter how good the ranges we have on offer happen to be. By taking time to look on the website of the aforementioned company, bosses hoping to have a good response at their latest product launch event should be able to find a exhibition stand perfect for their requirements.

Of course, regardless of how impressive or appealing the ranges we display at a launch event are, it is important to remember to be as friendly as possible when greeting people interested in what we have on offer.

Event Management

Fortunately for companies trying to create what they hope is a product launch with a big bang, there are plenty of UK companies that provide effective event management services. And although some people have mixed opinion about hiring beautiful looking models to help attract people to our stall at an exhibition, great looking women do seem to have a positive effect at a product launch event.

Of course, by investing in the services of experts in planning product launches, we should be well on the way to becoming a successful company in our chosen marketplace. It goes without saying that if we have made a huge effort to set up our company, we will want to create an impressive first impression with our potential customer base.

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Is Starting A Business Just Too Confusing For You?

In What You Need To Know About Small Business on November 12, 2018 at 9:13 am

Business can be hard to get on with, and it’s something that’s going to take a huge chunk of your life. When you’re working a normal 9 to 5 job, you’re probably already bringing home some admin you couldn’t get done during your operating hours, you’re getting up early to make sure you’re all ready for a full day’s graft, and from time to time you think to yourself that you can’t keep doing this.

So you turn your mind to controlling your career for yourself, and starting up your own business – but this process confuses you from the get go. So you’re a bit apprehensive about leaving your job, and you don’t, and you put your decision off and off. This isn’t productive in anyway! So let’s take a look at the concepts you need to understand to start a business of your own, and put them in more simple terms.

Let’s help you put the pieces together!

What Laws Do You Have to Follow?

This is the biggest worry, seeing as you need the government on your side for success, and you don’t want to bring any serious ramifications down on your head before you’ve even had a chance to brand! As a business, there’s going to be a lot of rules and regulations to keep an eye on whilst you operate, and setting up a business that takes them all into account might seem like a startling task.

But it doesn’t have to be, not with the digital age in full swing, and all kinds of resources right at your fingertips with the world wide web. Companies such as LegalZoom are out there for you to sign up to, to make sure you’re always on the right side of the law. You could really use a database filled to the brim with legal aid that’s pertinent to you, easy to scan and search through; make sure you’re not missing out!

You’ll Need to Hire the Right People

Starting a business requires a good team, and you’re going to need all kinds of talented and skilled workers in the right place to really make a go of the business plan you have in mind. You don’t want to bring the wrong people in, such as your friends and family, simply because it might be simpler than going through the hiring process – gently turn these people down, and then go in search of someone who could really help.

With the amount of freelancers and outsourcing on the internet these days, your job ad won’t go unnoticed, and you’re going to have plenty of replies to look into before you have to make a decision. Get your payroll laid out and sorted, and you won’t be alone in your journey to start a flourishing business.

It may seem very complicated on the surface, but starting a business doesn’t have to stay confusing beyond this. You’ve got motivation and the ambition, so now’s your chance to collect the right tools together!

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Six Things To Consider When Starting A Business Abroad

In What You Need To Know About Small Business on November 8, 2018 at 10:20 am

There are a lot of steps that need to be taken before starting a business online, from transferring money to doing intense research, and although the task may seem interesting and thrilling, with high potential returns, there are still a few steps that need to be considered before you pack your bags and begin your business venture.

Following are some of the things to consider when starting a business abroad.

1-   Choose your destination

Proper intense research needs to be done on the destination you have chosen to shift your business to, or the location you have chosen your business to start. You need to know the climate condition of the country, the political situation, among other things. Certain embassies, such as the US embassies offices around the globe, each have different resources around the globe to assist entrepreneurs in small businesses.

2-   Market Research

You would have to spend significant time following the trends of the locals where you want to begin your business. From following the sales to following the local habits, you have to observe or review the trends that follow. It would be wise initially to set up a mock business as a trial period, so you can better judge the potential success of your business that is possible. You also have to look into the minimum wage criteria of your selected country, as it would add cost to the capital that you have calculated.

3-   Try to Find Alternative payment methods to avoid high fees

When shifting or opening a new business abroad, certain hidden costs accumulate to be a lot. This may include foreign transaction fees, exchange rate fluctuations, and many other costs associated with it. However, one could easily try to avoid paying such high fees.

One could open a multi-current account, which could easily be opened online. There is no setup cost for opening such accounts or any monthly fees, and the accounts save up to 8 times compared to bank transfers, holding cash amount in 40 currencies and allowing instant exchange within the account. Similarly, try to find other loopholes through the system, to avoid paying high foreign currency fees.

4-   Go Virtual, Create a website or App

A website is any business portal to success. The reason being that it does not have a startup cost for a business, It creates awareness for the type of business being run, people are more attracted towards a website, and it creates a potential market and clientele for your business. A website also allows a business scale model to grow at an exponential rate, and business becomes more capable of responding to certain business activities.

However, the virtual world is just not limited to the website. One has to make sure that the website is not only compatible with mobile devices, but a certain app could also be developed to promote your business and accommodate the clients. This all depends on the nature of your business.

5-   Learn the Local Language

One needs to overcome the language barrier to ensure that their business is a success. Being able to converse with the locals easily would ensure greater ease in opening a business abroad. You could learn the countries language, hire a translator, or hire a bilingual person that would assist in the business framework and handling.

6-   Build new connections and network

Your old network might not be of much assistance in this new business venture, except for the experience you accumulated in your old practice. Hence, it is necessary to mingle with the locals, dealers, and try to make a connection beforehand if possible, which would come in handy during the business.

Although a new business in a new country could be scary, following the aforementioned steps would hopefully make it easy and ensure a successful business without much trouble!

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