Top 13 Ways To Make Your Content More Actionable

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Your content is not generating leads?

Google cannot find your business?

The content you uploaded is great, but the results are negligible?

When you take your business to the digital domain, it is important that you not only focus on building a brand online but creating an identity. The digital marketing experts suggest that coming up with a well-curated content cannot help you rank your business. It is important that the content that is prepared focuses on the brand, service, and audience equally.

With so much on the go, maybe you just had the writer’s block. Don’t worry. Just sip a cup of coffee take a deep breath and begin again.

All you need is a little modification and help from the experts in the content marketing industry. Here are some interesting tips that can help you create actionable content that would take your business to the zenith.

13 Tips to Help You Create Actionable Content

  1. Target Your Audience

You worked perfectly on your content. It very well explains what your business is and how it works. A lot of people read your content, but maybe they did not need the services, or in easier words, your content reached the wrong group.

For conversions, it is important that your content reaches the audience you have aimed at. A lot of digital marketers suggest to go in-detailed research of the audience group you are targeting at, and then create content that drives sales.

  1. Image Attracts

Mere words in your content would not work. Visuals have always been a stronger way to drive sales than mere texts. Complementing your content with the images and figures that attracts your audience is a must adopt advice.

Using images and sharing them across different platforms is a smart way to increase your online presence.

  1. Involve Your Audience

When creating a content that is meant to sell, it is important that your readers do not leave in between. To turn your visitors to customers, it is important that the content that you have created keeps them engaged enough to at least read till the end.

An interesting trick to keep your audience involved is to be conversational in your content. Use interactive and emotive language that can keep your audience engaged at the same time convincing them, they need your product.

  1. Relevant Content Sells

The content that is relatable and has real-life relevance definitely gets a better response as compared to the content that is plain text and that brags about the business and the products that you have been selling.

Involve examples that talk about the problems you are providing a solution to. Tell them how you solve these problems, but without sounding boastful.

  1. Let Numbers Do the Talking

Don’t just talk, but prove. It is important if you are making a claim, it has a strong point to support it. Some great statistics in your content not only breaks the wordy monotony but also helps you make a strong point with your claims.

Always include the source of study from where the data has been taken. It is not only important to make claims, but it is also important to make strong, relevant claims.

  1. Answer the Questions

When creating content, always ask questions that your audience wants to know. Understand it is not only what of the business that is important, but when, why, how, and where have equal importance.

Let your reader know through your content that you have been providing solutions to their problems. The fact is, no one invests a lot of time reading through a lot of words, the customer needs answers to all their questions, clear and easy.

  1. Call to Action Buttons

A lot of websites has great traffic. The problem is converting the traffic to conversion, or put in simple words, converting browsers to customers. Many visitors return without availing the services from the website where they cannot find buttons that would take them to the required page. They find it easier to reach to some other website that makes things easier for them.

Call to action buttons are more about design aesthetics than content, but a CTA button would come in the picture only if the content is woven around it.

Convince your readers to take actions when they read.

  1. Be a Better Storyteller

Do not just brag. If you browse through the net some of the best-selling websites often build stories around their product. It is not to exaggerate the product quality, but to keep the reader engaged with the content. Tell your brand story in a manner that it not only impresses the visitors, but also convinces them that they had been missing a great product for long.

A website that keeps browsers involved often wins a loyal customer base. The key is to bring new customers without losing the old ones.

  1. Research Is the Key

Copied content is a big No!!

If you are the first place where the reader has reached, then probably, you would not be reading this. Since the customer has visited a few more similar websites before, they already have all the basic knowledge of the services that you are about to offer. The key to turn your visitor to a customer is to provide convincing content.

Read different articles and websites that hold a place in your domain. Research on content quality, tone, and other aspects. Do not paraphrase or copy. To sell, it is important to be updated with your competitors’ strategies.

  1. Reflect Your Brand

The content that you create must be around your core values. The consumer finds your services more reliable if the content not only talks about the products that you are providing but also about the core values. Be expressive, loud, and clear about your core values when you are creating content that needs to be your brand identity.

  1. Platform-Specific Content

When you have created a content that is impressive, it is important that it is available at every possible relevant place. Be it the social media platforms, other blogging sites or some other place that could generate leads.

Social media is an important platform that gets the maximum audience. It is advised to do a little research before you take your business to social media. Analyze, how content that goes on Facebook is different than that is shared on Instagram or Twitter. Post content that is platform specific to make yourself available easier and build an identity.

  1. Simple Words That Express

Avoid taking help from a thesaurus or any synonym finder for the words that you have put in your content. You need to put simple words in your content to ensure that the reader understands it easily.

Easy to read content can generate more leads than a wordy, highly articulated content. Your readers are there to ease their work and not to read or check your command of the language.

  1. One Idea at a Time

Do not over-stuff your content with all the ideas that strike you during the research. Keep some of them for the next time. Putting up all the ideas at once in your content would only make it messy and weird. If a lot of things go on the single content, it would not only spoil the look but also make it confusing.

It is important that whatever goes on the internet is clear, comprehensive, and loud. Sell one idea at a time and never fall short of innovative techniques.


The renowned author of the book Content Chemistry and co-founder of Orbit Media Solutions believes that creating good content is just coming halfway. The complete journey involves great promotion too. It is important that once you have prepared a content that is ready to sell your brand online, it must reach the crowd in one go. It is important that the content that you have prepared reaches the audience even if they are not searching for it.

Bringing It All Together…

Content plays a significant role in not only generating leads but also in turning these leads to conversions. Let these quotes keep you on the go and help you create stuff, that sells. Reach to the target audience and resonate with their needs in what you write.

Stay Motivated…Create More…Sell Higher…

Summary: Here are some interesting tips to create a content that generates leads and helps in conversion.

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