Why Google Is Your Business’s Best Friend Online

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The online world has absolutely changed what modern business looks like. There’s no question about that. Perhaps one company, in particular, has had more to do with that change than any other. That’s Google. It’s more than a search engine, it’s a range of tools and practices that have a lot more than you might think to offer your business. Here are three of the main ways in which your business should start cozying up to the online giant and start benefiting from it.


Perhaps the most obvious way to see how Google helps you is through its function as a search engine. Your presence on that search engine can play a huge role in your business’s ability to attract new clients. It’s the most used amongst its like and it’s how most people look for answers to their queries and problems online. Search engine optimization is the process by which your site ensures that its chief amongst the recommended search results for those surfers. Through content creation, site relevance, and a few tricks, you can ensure that people who your business can serve come in contact with them before any of your competitors or the less relevant results. You can include things like your address and local data so you have more chance of appearing to people in your area.


If there’s one thing that every single business needs to succeed, it’s a better understanding of their consumer. Their habits, their wants, their demographics. How they use the internet and, most relevantly, how they find and use their site. Google Analytics is one of the tools that can help you build that understanding on a specific basis. You can see, for instance, by what means your consumers are reaching your site. If you find that one social media network leads to more links than any other, you can better focus your presence there. Then you can see what pages they’re most likely to use and optimize that page with calls-to-action and more tempting web design to better convert them.


It’s not just your customers you should be willing to learn more about, either. It’s the industry at large. For one, using Google as a search engine can help you see what is considered most relevant for queries you believe you should be getting top billing in. You can see what branding, site design, and content are helping them take the position that should be yours. But Google Alerts is another tool that can help you follow and track the movements in the industry, between specific developments and new from competitors to networking opportunities and trends as a whole.

Hopefully the above shows you why you should start taking Google seriously not only as a search engine but as a range of tools to help you get the most of your business in the online world. More customers, a better understanding of them, and the ability to stay relevant to their interests are all achievable with the help of that one company.

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Reliable Strategies To Implement When Expanding Your Small Business In One Year

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Business and stock market forecasts are unanimously resolved in agreement that e-commerce is the unstoppable business force in the current and future climate. Which means technology-based startups that primarily offer online services are establishing their name and elbowing giants out of the frame. There are numerous tactics that can be used to keep the momentum train chugging along without so much as a hiccup; especially in the first year of the business going live. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the e-commerce market and expand your business by striding forward with purpose and calculated risk.

Carefully study your customers

E-commerce depends on providing reputable and accessible online services, which establish a reliable presence that’s recognized around the world. Via, the use of analytics, you can study who comes to your website, why, what their previous buying habits have been, and use this information to improve the customer experience. With this information you should create an online ad campaign that offers deals and services to a specific client that need the strategies you offer; this is called base marketing. Expanding in or at the end of your first year is going to be a wild ride, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Establishing a trend after studying the demographic identifies how you will be able to target the characteristics of loyal customers.

Keeping customers on-board

Consider a subscription service to your business. Working in e-commerce, updating a system and managing data is both a task of persistence to give high-quality and competition-beating products, but also trust that during a server update, data is kept secure. Logistically handing off to companies like, makes it much easier to supervise the management of data during and after the expansion. With such professionals, your business gets the most out of existing technology, with a better understanding of the capabilities you currently have and or need. Security and bug fixes are a constant spinning wheel, so you need to conduct routine maintenance and fix any problems which may delay operations.

Motivation to sell

Additionally, give them an incentive, by having an employee compensation sale scheme. This requires a delicate touch but is of insurmountable value to small businesses who professional virtual fisherman who look for new customers and other businesses to sell the company brand too. This plan balances commission and the contract salary, by diversifying benefits in the form of positive performance with stock options, setting a predetermined percentage of overall profits for a month or year, or bonuses for individuals based on the achievement of goals.

A good workforce is aligned with the company goals, so you need to get them motivated to go out and implement your go-to-market strategy. Set up meetings with clients and investors, rehearse the sales pitch, have your props and computer presentation ready, research facts and figures, identify what you offer that’s different to the rest of the market. Above all else, don’t sell yourself short; it’s a sign of weakness and lack of self-belief. It’s one of the fundamentals of success for any business, to have a sales team that is hungry and motivated to go out and find new customers. A sales team works under the direct order of the managers, but you as the CEO need to take the reins. Having direct contact with your sales team boosts their morale and gives them direction.

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Happy Staff, Happy Boss: Make Things Easier For Your Employees

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Some employers make things more difficult for their employees than they really need to. The problem with causing unnecessary obstructions and delays for your staff is that it makes it more difficult for them to do their job. You might have your own reasons for having certain practices in place, like saving money for your company. However, if your employees aren’t happy, you could be causing a negative effect on your business. Making them happy helps to motivate them and encourage them to be more productive. If you would rather have employees who love their jobs, or at least don’t hate them, you can do some things to make everything easier.

Make Communication Easier

Communication is key to any business. Everyone needs to be able to communicate effectively with their colleagues and clients. With all the different methods of communicating available today, it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to keep in touch. But many people can still find that it’s harder than it needs to be to communicate with others at work. Improving communication for your business might mean looking for the right methods to use by trying out some different solutions. You should listen to what your employees have to say about which communication methods and procedures work well for them.

Make It Easier to Take Time Off

Taking time off is often a difficult issue for both employers and employees. Employers don’t want their employees to be absent all the time, although they might be sympathetic to the reasons they need time off. And employees might need to take time off but could be scared of repercussions or just falling behind at work. Allowing your employees a reasonable amount of time off benefits both you and them. It relieves any pressure they might feel to come into work while ill, which can lead to an illness spreading around the workplace. It helps to give them time to deal with stress, and to make sure they can take care of personal problems, so they don’t have to bring them to work.

Make Getting Paid Easier

Everyone wants to receive their wages on time. They don’t want to wait around for payments to process when they have things they need to pay for. Offering your employees an easy payroll system that they can register with online helps them get their money ASAP. They can create a direct debit so their money can go straight to their bank account. Being able to manage their details and view their pay stubs makes it simple for them to see what and when they’ve been paid.

Make Scheduling Easier

Scheduling can be a problem for employer and employee. Employees have commitments outside of work, and you need to try and schedule their shifts at times that suit them. One thing that will help is making it easier for employees to manage their schedules and let you know when they can’t work. An online system is usually the best way to go for this.

If you make things easier for your employees, they will help to make things easier for you. Happier employees are more productive and more likely to continue working for you.

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