Don’t Doom Your Business With Mishandled Projects! Avoid These Mistakes

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A business is often defined by its projects – so letting your projects fail is a pretty major mistake, to say the least. Here are some common and disastrous project management mistakes that you need to avoid.

No-one knows their role

It’s no good applying some vague label when it comes to a specific employees responsibilities and then just throwing miscellaneous tasks at them just because you believe they’ll be capable. If you want to ensure things go smoothly, then you need to make sure everyone’s role in the team and on the project is adequately and concisely defined. Otherwise, people become a bit unsure of what it is they need to have contributed by the end of the project.


The management aren’t up to the task

When companies look to hire project managers, they often go about it the wrong way. This problem certainly isn’t helped by the prevalence of mistakes that are found in a lot of job advertisements: a vague laundry list of essential yet basic skills. Companies look to hire team players with management experience that are results-driven and have a good track record! You’ve seen these phrases and buzzwords before, right? They’re vague. You should be looking at specific qualifications and results. You should also be willing to help managers improve. You can look at investing in project management professional training. Check out some PMP online training for your employees if you’re interested.

A lack of documentation

Having accessible documents that provide a good overview of the goals and tasks of the project is an essential feature of this pursuit. Employees across the site should be able to refer to these documents at any given time. It’s also essential that these documents are followed to the best of your ability. If diversions from the original schema had to be made, then ensure that the documents in question are kept updated.

Letting scope creep occur

The goal of your project should be crystal clear. If it isn’t, then your project is likely to be doomed. The most dangerous effect of unclear projects is something we call scope creep. It;s something that is alarmingly common across projects in all kinds of businesses. You begin to think of new ways to improve and expand upon features of a project. This may sound like a good thing on paper, but in practice you’re probably going to end up stretching your resources too thin. When the scope starts to creep into the unachievable, it can often be very hard to tell until it’s a week before deadline and it’s too late. Define the scope from the outset, and monitor it closely to ensure that scope is sneakily increasing to unrealistic levels.


Ignoring manageable components

A project is like a recipe – you need specific ingredients and specific steps, done one after the other, in manageable tiers. This is why you need to break your project down into manageable components. One of the best ways to do this is to make this breakdown visual. This is the main aim of many project management software and web-based solutions. Something like Trello can be remarkably good at handling this sort of task, turning it into an interactive process that can be handled by everyone on the team.

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Become A Business Butterfly: Evolve Your Brand Today

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How do you manage to achieve success and take your company on to bigger and better things? Well, there are a number of things you can do to achieve this, but one of the main ones is to try to evolve. Many things in life evolve, and, as a society, it is out natural progressive state. The business world has even more vested in evolution than you might imagine.


Think about how important it is to ensure that you evolve your business and keep up to date. There are so many pitfalls in modern business and things that can go wrong. But, you need to make sure you avoid these and focus on the endgame for your brand. And the way of achieving that is to make sure you evolve your business in the best possible way. So, it’s important to look at ways in which we can evolve our businesses, and take them to the next level.

Digital Dynamism

It’s important that you think about how much the modern business world relies on a digital approach. Think about it; your business wouldn’t get very far without the use of computers now, would it? That’s why digital dynamism is crucial for the evolution of your company and taking it to the next level. Consider what you have to do to make the business more digital. It might mean moving on to a digital platform and making sure you have an IT network throughout the business. This is going to make everything easier long-term and will help with evolution and transition as much as possible.

Cosmo Business

It’s also becoming more and more important these days to have a cosmopolitan business. You have to do as much as you can to ensure that the company is as diverse and groundbreaking as possible. This means having a diverse and cosmopolitan workforce. It’s really important to make sure you have a wide range of different cultures and personalities in your business. This is something you have to make sure you work toward as much as possible. Your business can evolve into a global company if you have the right sorts of employees there. And customers these days are always looking for businesses that are diverse and equal opportunity. The people you hire could have a much larger bearing than you would think on your business future.

Quality Marketing

When it comes to running a business, you need to think about how much marketing matters. It plays such a big role in how you develop and progress as a company. It doesn’t matter how good your products and services are; if you don’t have the right marketing, you will never sell any of them. Bear in mind, that when it comes to marketing, you have to think about quality over quantity. This is something that too many people surprisingly overlook. And it’s important that you don’t forget how much of a crucial role it plays in the process. Hire a marketing team so you have experts to take care of this for you and you can focus on other areas of the company. Experts will be well placed to help your marketing strategies evolve as society does.

Develop an Awesome Website

Let’s get one thing clear; you’re going to need an awesome website if you want to be successful. The evolution of business is such that the website plays a crucial role in the process. This is something that you need to focus on getting right as much as possible. Nothing hurts a business quite like a poorly designed website. It’s for this reason that you need to make sure you get your website as perfect as possible. If you are struggling designing or tweaking it yourself, then hire we design experts. You have to make sure you get this perfect because otherwise, you’re going to struggle to attract and retain clients.

Safe and Sound

Health and safety is of major importance in the business world, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You have to make sure you do as much as possible to understand the importance of having good safety policies in the business. You have a lot to do to help you achieve this, and it’s important that you keep the company as safe and secure as possible. There are new threats and safety issues cropping up every year. And, in order to develop the company to deal with those issues, you need to have a strong health and safety policy in place already. Take your time to get this right, and do as much as possible to make the place better for your staff.



You know what is really important for evolving your company? Apps! Yes, smartphones are pretty much the most important thing in people’s lives these days. You can do almost anything with them, and that’s why it’s so important to tap into this market. People use their phones to run their lives because apps make everything much easier. So, you need to check out the likes of Wonderment Apps and see how you can create and develop your own business app. Communicating and interfacing with people through an app is a really great way of keeping the company in their consciousness. Technology is evolving, and people are always looking for new ways of doing things. That’s why it’s important to consider the fact that you need to evolve as a business by having an app.

What Next?

It’s also important to keep an eye on the future and look at how things are going to change. The best way to make your company evolve is to know or predict what’s coming. That way you will be able to change with it seamlessly. You always need to be aware of what is happening in the world, and how this looks likely to affect the business landscape. These can be political or socio-economic factors, but they all help and they all play a role in how the business world develops. Think about what is next for your company, and where you should be aiming to go after here. If you can always keep the future in mind, you should find it a lot easier to develop as a company.

Stay Competitive

Always make sure you are competitive. No matter what happens as a company, you always need to try to ensure that you are able to go shoulder to shoulder with rivals. It’s a dog eat dog world in business, and you need to wise up to that quickly. Do as much as you can to remain competitive and try to outsmart and outmuscle your rivals as much as possible. So, you need to make sure you do what you can to always go toe to toe with your competitors, and make yourself a more attractive business prospect. This is something that is important when it comes to the evolution of a company. You can’t afford to be left behind by rivals, otherwise you’re going to struggle as a result.

Staff Turnover

You have to think about the important role your staff play in the business world. They do so much for your company that you have to make sure you have the perfect staff. This might involve a turnover period as you try to iron out the creases and find the ideal workers for the company. If you want the business to evolve this is going to involve having the best employees on board. You need to make sure you are doing everything you can to get the best possible people for the job. And this sometimes involves strong recruitment and a high turnover.

Trying to evolve your company is a complex and layered process. It is imperative if you want the company to develop and move on to bigger and better things. But, you have to make sure you understand how to go about making the best choices and helping the business evolve as it should.

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Top Tips To Starting Your Own Business

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As you work to earn your online master of science in taxation there is no doubt that your career goals are front and center in your mind. While many will choose to use that online MST degree to secure a position in a large or small company, maybe you want to be able to start your own business. Everyone knows that starting your own business is challenging, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a wonderful and rewarding option.

If you’ve decided that owning your own business is right for you then you will want to take a look at these top tips that can help you as you start out.

A Clear and Concise Business Plan

Too many people just take an idea and run with it before actually giving it some thought. If you want to start your own business, experts suggest you start by writing out a clear and concise business plan. This plan should act as your company’s mission statement and provide clear steps and goals that the business will work towards. It’s a blueprint of how you plan to set things up, secure customers, cover the costs of running the business, and grow.

Obviously this is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly or rushed through. This business plan will give you direction; it will also be necessary to show potential investors and/or lenders.

Take Care of the Legalities

While this isn’t a glamorous step, it’s necessary for the business to run legally. Take care of such things as registering your business name, purchasing insurance, getting all of your licenses and permits where applicable, understanding what the business’s tax obligations are, and deciding what the legal structure of the business will be. You may want to consult with a lawyer and a small business financial advisor during this process, as they can help to guide you through the many steps required.

Considering Finding Customers First

Another tip that experts say can be helpful is to start finding potential clients/customers before you even start your business. Obviously you will need customers for your business to survive, so waiting until you open the doors means you could be waiting a while to secure customers.

Surround Yourself with Skilled Staff

If you need to hire on staff then you want to be sure you are picking people that bring something to the table and will be assets to the company. Your employees are instrumental in the success of your business, so you need to trust in them to represent your vision and make it a reality.

Secure Your Funding

It’s impossible to start a business without money so securing funding is a pivotal step that needs to be taken. This funding can come from investors, partners, or a lending institution.

Remain Realistic and Positive

Starting your own business isn’t going to be an easy or quick task. It requires plenty of legwork, research, patience, and self-confidence. Being realistic about what you hope to achieve is important. Keep in mind that most businesses aren’t an overnight success, but that doesn’t mean they won’t succeed in the long-run.

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